Just some of the reviews from the happy dog teams we have had the pleasure of coaching!

Ren's reactions to things outside the home and inability to rest triggered my anxiety. I felt stuck and like I couldn't take her anywhere. I participated in the group course Ace'n Adolescence about a year ago and then just recently had some one on one coaching sessions. Renee changed my whole understanding of dogs and has helped immensely to help me understand what they need. I continue to learn how to watch my dog carefully in order to help her when needed whether in stressful situations, training sessions, or enrichment activities. I feel much less clueless about how to give her what she needs and feel more like we're partners now. We are still working on reactivity and car anxiety but I have tools now and understand that it takes time, patience, and consistency. Renee explains the motivations and functions behind the dog's behaviors so that there is a solid understanding of why the dog is acting the way she is. Renee presents information in a clear and simple way that's easily accessible.
We had our initial behaviour assessment with Renee for our spaniel, she was extremely knowledgeable, engaging and friendly and we already have lots of aspects to work on from this session. The form prior to the session that we filled out was very detailed and gave me confidence that Renee was looking and considering our dog from all aspects of his life. It was really helpful to understand why our dog does the things he does and how we can improve our management and care for him. She broke things down simply and how we could work and progress the steps. It was really important for us to find a knowledgeable and positive trainer and we highly recommend Renee to anyone looking for the same. We will be coming back for some coaching sessions soon, once we’ve had time to put into practice all of her tips and training suggestions. Thank you Renee!
Renee went above and beyond to help our reactive dog (Doug) navigate our stressful environment. She gave us thousands of ideas for mental enrichment, management techniques, and desensitization strategies—and we have seen such an improvement in our boy. Not only is she incredibly knowledgeable and compassionate but her 1:1 virtual sessions allowed us brainstorm solutions in real-time. She helped us understand his body language, which has drastically improved our relationship. I will be recommending her to EVERYONE!
I have tried two other trainers before Renee for my rescue ACD’s dog reactivity. Both of them claimed that they use positive training, but there were actually some negative training involved. One even suggested using martingale collar. With Renee’s positive training method, we are finally able to progress forward and don’t have to leave it up to chances. Although I know this will take a few months, but at least I can see his progress and we are also much more confident in handling him than before. And all these were achieved through a few remote zoom sessions! Amazing! Highly recommended :)
Our dog Poppy would hide behind furniture and when approached she would growl and attack. She did not like people coming to the house, post people, etc. because due to COVID nobody came to the house for 2 years. She also had a couple of bad experiences with the vets. Our new vet recommended Renee when we asked how best to deal with her behaviour. Renee is an amazing human being - she listens well and, although very polite, she will tell you what is going wrong. She listened and knew straight away what we were doing wrong and how to fix it. She taught us how to speak dog! 9 weeks later we are still a normal household with a loving, happy dog!
Kassie is a pleasure to work with, she taught Kota and I some very practical and helpful strategies to use when encountering other dogs on walks. Kassie is very flexible and adapted our sessions to suit my dog and encouraged a positive training experience.