Just some of the reviews from the happy dog teams we have had the pleasure of coaching!

We would like to say a massive thank you to Renee for all the hard work she has put into Alfie. He has done really well under her guidance. In the beginning her was like a shopping trolley, all over the place, now he is a Rolls Royce. lol We would recommend Renee every time! Thanks!
My beautiful big reactive baby girl was sat in a field with 5 other dogs . I NEVER thought that we would be able to do this. We've still got work to do but thanks to Renee we've now got the tools to do this. Thank you just isn't enough! You do an amazing job at training the humans!
We would like to Say a 'big thank you' to Renee. We have seen a massive improvement in our dog (Zachy), he is a 14 month romanian rescue. We were struggling with his lack of confidence and reactivity. We were so impressed with her knowledge, understanding and compassion of dogs and how to tackle various situations. We were drawn to Renee's force free and positive reinforcement training and behaviourist techniques. She provided us with the necessary knowledge and tools to steer through some of our issues that we faced. We learnt habituation and desensitization strategies, mental enrichment exercises and management techniques. Renee's sessions were very practical and constant support if needed. We were given a daily journal which we completed in between our sessions. This allowed us to record daily achievements, training sessions, improvements, and milestones. We really appreciate your guidance and support. Thank you for everything!
Kassie has just been fantastic. We were stressing out with our pup’s training but Kassie would always manage to calm us down and work with us, step by step. Even it meant sending her a gazillion videos. She just made puppyhood much more bearable and she is always available to get on a call if I have any questions. She has been a blessing for us. Plus, our dog, Kayo LOVES her!
Our dog Poppy would hide behind furniture and when approached she would growl and attack. She did not like people coming to the house, post people, etc. because due to COVID nobody came to the house for 2 years. She also had a couple of bad experiences with the vets. Our new vet recommended Renee when we asked how best to deal with her behaviour. Renee is an amazing human being - she listens well and, although very polite, she will tell you what is going wrong. She listened and knew straight away what we were doing wrong and how to fix it. She taught us how to speak dog! 9 weeks later we are still a normal household with a loving, happy dog!
Amazing, compassionate and positive trainer! would highly recommend and so would your dog if they could!