Just some of the reviews from the happy dog teams we have had the pleasure of coaching!

We had our initial behaviour assessment with Renee for our spaniel, she was extremely knowledgeable, engaging and friendly and we already have lots of aspects to work on from this session. The form prior to the session that we filled out was very detailed and gave me confidence that Renee was looking and considering our dog from all aspects of his life. It was really helpful to understand why our dog does the things he does and how we can improve our management and care for him. She broke things down simply and how we could work and progress the steps. It was really important for us to find a knowledgeable and positive trainer and we highly recommend Renee to anyone looking for the same. We will be coming back for some coaching sessions soon, once we’ve had time to put into practice all of her tips and training suggestions. Thank you Renee!
I’ve worked one-on-one with Renee for nearly two years now. I have never worked with a dog behavior professional who has been so educational, encouraging, and EMPOWERING! She has given me more confidence in myself and my abilities to be a great partner to my dogs than anyone else. She has helped me so much with my dog Birch who struggles with reactivity, anxiety, and resource guarding. Together we came up with plans and strategies to help Birch feel comfortable enough for us to welcome a new puppy into our family. Renee even helped me pick a puppy from the litter who would be the right fit for my sensitive boy, Birch. We found a wonderful match in Pine. R+ Dogs was there to support me through the transitions and challenges that puppies bring. I’m happy to report that Birch and Pine get along quite well, and that Pine is growing into a wonderful, confident, happy dog. I will continue to work with Renee, as we all ride the waves of Pine’s adolescence together. I know it will be a smoother ride with her amazing support. I have learned so much from Renee from R+ Dogs. SHE HAS CHANGED MY LIFE completely and for the better. I wish everyone I know who share their lives with the magic that is a dog could work with her too. You’ll never feel so good about your relationship with your dog as you will after working with Renee. I can’t recommend her enough.
Kassie is a pleasure to work with, she taught Kota and I some very practical and helpful strategies to use when encountering other dogs on walks. Kassie is very flexible and adapted our sessions to suit my dog and encouraged a positive training experience.
Renee is the best she knows exactly how to work through any issue, clear explanations and patience I recommend Renee to anyone experiencing any kind of dog issue!
Renee saved us and our dog. It might sound dramatic but we were pulling our hair out everyday and feeling like prisoners in our own home. Our beautiful lurcher was unable to cope with the stress of one of us leaving a room, he was overwhelmed at every dog he came across and the prospect of letting him off lead was laughable. I contacted Renee when I was at the end of my tether and her expertise and non judgemental care lead us into the light. We jokingly called it dog therapy, when really she guided us and assuaged any anxiety that comes with pet ownership. In such a judgemental environment, Renee was a breath of fresh air. Everyone who has a dog, cares. You can take a shortcut with temporary quick results and be back to square one with worse issues or you can take the time to connect and learn about your dog and their needs. Renee showed us how and we are reaping our reward. His recall is amazing, he chills all day long and is the cuddliest, happiest long legged best friend we could ask for. It is a relief knowing that we are be able to provide a happy life and for anyone out there who doesn't know where to turn, please get in touch with Renee, she wants to help and will help.
Renee has changed my perspective on dog training forever. Her benevolence and understanding, as well as a very creative mind has helped my worked/working through complex behavioral problems that likely arose as not simply behavioral, but also emotional and medical. Her multifaceted approach to thinking about dogs will continue to inspire me for years to come. I am blessed to have her around, even as person-to-person, she is great to talk to. She has relieved so much negative emotions I had that I was carrying onto my dog. I am from Hong Kong, a place where positive dog training is rather inaccessible locally. Popular methods here do not feel right, but I was left with thinking they were the only options. I came upon Renee on social media and she has opened me up to a world of possibilities. More people should consider working virtually! Thanks, Renee.