Just some of the reviews from the happy dog teams we have had the pleasure of coaching!

We would like to say a massive thank you to Renee for all the hard work she has put into Alfie. He has done really well under her guidance. In the beginning her was like a shopping trolley, all over the place, now he is a Rolls Royce. lol We would recommend Renee every time! Thanks!
I've been looking for my perfect match behavior consultant for about a year now, and finally found it in Renee. I have loved Renee on social media for a while and recently took her Resolving Reactivity course. I love working with Renee. She is personable, responsive, and incredibly dedicated to helping pet guardians understand and support their dogs in the best ways possible. I had a pretty major life event happen in the middle of the course, and Renee was totally understanding and flexible. This does mean that I have a bit of catching up to do on the coursework, but even so, we have a seen a huge improvement in our fearful/reactive dog's behavior since taking the course. Our dog needs support from meds and a vet behaviorist, so I look forward to making Renee a part of my 1:1 team as we work with a vet to calibrate our dog's meds and really hone in on all of the things that will make our dog comfortable and happy so that she can fully thrive in our home. I cannot recommend Renee enough!
Renee at R+Plus Dogs is a truly awesome dog trainer and behaviourist. One of the things that drew me to her work was her dedication to keeping up to date with modern scientific training methods. She puts a huge amount of work into sharing a lot of free content on her instagram and the Doglogical podcast is also a great resource. Owning a Belgian Shepherd can sometimes be challenging as others often try to say that they need specific training methods usually involving punishment. My dog was frightened of her harness and whilst I had some dog training skills I felt I needed extra help and un-biased outside eye. Renee was super understanding and gave me a number of different strategies to help with de-sensitising her to her harness. No breed needs a heavy hand and my dog is proof of that. Don't let virtual training put you off, I found it just as good as in-person training and infinitely easier to fit in around my busy schedule. Renee also followed up weeks after our last session to see how we were going and she has offered advice and additional help beyond my expectations.
I sought Renee to support me in understanding my Frenchie Tina. I have to admit at first I felt a bit out of my depth, even though I consider myself as a hands on dog mum. Renee was terrific in that she met me where I am, and helped me identify the blind spots I had through her knowledge and experience. We looked at the various aspects that have had an impact on my dog: diet, environment, people, Tina’s personality etc. I feel I benefited from this process more because I opted for a prolonged coaching period (three sessions in total spread out by a few weeks) this helped give me and Tina an opportunity to implement Renee’s recommendations and share with her videos to help decipher and understand what’s going on. All in all, it was a great experience for me and I definitely feel more confident with how to interact and support Tina far better than I previously have. Thank you Renee!
Thank you Renee! I have tried two other behavior consultants before Renee for my dog's reactivity, but I did not feel they were helping my dog deal with her real issues. With Renee’s coaching and guidance, we have finally been able to see progress and my dog is showing happier walks and more relaxed behaviours. Renee has prepared me on how to help my dog through her reactions so that I don’t have to leave things up to chance. We are also much more confident in handling her than ever before. And all this was achieved through remote Zoom sessions! Thanks again Renee. Highly recommended!
I chose to work with Renee because I knew I needed someone with expertise and experience. It’s great that she sought to understand my situation and my dog to create a personalized training plan that meets our needs. She is also responsive to me when I need help along the way. The best part is we are seeing improvements with my doggy. Highly recommended!