Just some of the reviews from the happy dog teams we have had the pleasure of coaching!

Thank you Renee! I have tried two other behavior consultants before Renee for my dog's reactivity, but I did not feel they were helping my dog deal with her real issues. With Renee’s coaching and guidance, we have finally been able to see progress and my dog is showing happier walks and more relaxed behaviours. Renee has prepared me on how to help my dog through her reactions so that I don’t have to leave things up to chance. We are also much more confident in handling her than ever before. And all this was achieved through remote Zoom sessions! Thanks again Renee. Highly recommended!
Our dog Poppy would hide behind furniture and when approached she would growl and attack. She did not like people coming to the house, post people, etc. because due to COVID nobody came to the house for 2 years. She also had a couple of bad experiences with the vets. Our new vet recommended Renee when we asked how best to deal with her behaviour. Renee is an amazing human being - she listens well and, although very polite, she will tell you what is going wrong. She listened and knew straight away what we were doing wrong and how to fix it. She taught us how to speak dog! 9 weeks later we are still a normal household with a loving, happy dog!
Ren's reactions to things outside the home and inability to rest triggered my anxiety. I felt stuck and like I couldn't take her anywhere. I participated in the group course Ace'n Adolescence about a year ago and then just recently had some one on one coaching sessions. Renee changed my whole understanding of dogs and has helped immensely to help me understand what they need. I continue to learn how to watch my dog carefully in order to help her when needed whether in stressful situations, training sessions, or enrichment activities. I feel much less clueless about how to give her what she needs and feel more like we're partners now. We are still working on reactivity and car anxiety but I have tools now and understand that it takes time, patience, and consistency. Renee explains the motivations and functions behind the dog's behaviors so that there is a solid understanding of why the dog is acting the way she is. Renee presents information in a clear and simple way that's easily accessible.
My beautiful big reactive baby girl was sat in a field with 5 other dogs . I NEVER thought that we would be able to do this. We've still got work to do but thanks to Renee we've now got the tools to do this. Thank you just isn't enough! You do an amazing job at training the humans!
Renee has changed my perspective on dog training forever. Her benevolence and understanding, as well as a very creative mind has helped my worked/working through complex behavioral problems that likely arose as not simply behavioral, but also emotional and medical. Her multifaceted approach to thinking about dogs will continue to inspire me for years to come. I am blessed to have her around, even as person-to-person, she is great to talk to. She has relieved so much negative emotions I had that I was carrying onto my dog. I am from Hong Kong, a place where positive dog training is rather inaccessible locally. Popular methods here do not feel right, but I was left with thinking they were the only options. I came upon Renee on social media and she has opened me up to a world of possibilities. More people should consider working virtually! Thanks, Renee.
I've been looking for my perfect match behavior consultant for about a year now, and finally found it in Renee. I have loved Renee on social media for a while and recently took her Resolving Reactivity course. I love working with Renee. She is personable, responsive, and incredibly dedicated to helping pet guardians understand and support their dogs in the best ways possible. I had a pretty major life event happen in the middle of the course, and Renee was totally understanding and flexible. This does mean that I have a bit of catching up to do on the coursework, but even so, we have a seen a huge improvement in our fearful/reactive dog's behavior since taking the course. Our dog needs support from meds and a vet behaviorist, so I look forward to making Renee a part of my 1:1 team as we work with a vet to calibrate our dog's meds and really hone in on all of the things that will make our dog comfortable and happy so that she can fully thrive in our home. I cannot recommend Renee enough!