Just some of the reviews from the happy dog teams we have had the pleasure of coaching!

I have seen improvements in the dogs and my own behaviours towards them. The relationship with one of my dogs has significantly improved and the trust between us is fantastic. I am more aware of situations which may cause stress for both dogs and “manage” “avoid” or prepare differently. I’m also much more aware of their body language and what they’re communicating with me. Renee broke the steps down really well, so we understood what we were doing, not giving us too much to work on at once. She also has a really deep breadth of knowledge on any dog subject you ask about, her love and respect for dogs as the animals they are really shines through.
Thank you Renee! I have tried two other behavior consultants before Renee for my dog's reactivity, but I did not feel they were helping my dog deal with her real issues. With Renee’s coaching and guidance, we have finally been able to see progress and my dog is showing happier walks and more relaxed behaviours. Renee has prepared me on how to help my dog through her reactions so that I don’t have to leave things up to chance. We are also much more confident in handling her than ever before. And all this was achieved through remote Zoom sessions! Thanks again Renee. Highly recommended!
Renee at R+Plus Dogs is a truly awesome dog trainer and behaviourist. One of the things that drew me to her work was her dedication to keeping up to date with modern scientific training methods. She puts a huge amount of work into sharing a lot of free content on her instagram and the Doglogical podcast is also a great resource. Owning a Belgian Shepherd can sometimes be challenging as others often try to say that they need specific training methods usually involving punishment. My dog was frightened of her harness and whilst I had some dog training skills I felt I needed extra help and un-biased outside eye. Renee was super understanding and gave me a number of different strategies to help with de-sensitising her to her harness. No breed needs a heavy hand and my dog is proof of that. Don't let virtual training put you off, I found it just as good as in-person training and infinitely easier to fit in around my busy schedule. Renee also followed up weeks after our last session to see how we were going and she has offered advice and additional help beyond my expectations.
Ren's reactions to things outside the home and inability to rest triggered my anxiety. I felt stuck and like I couldn't take her anywhere. I participated in the group course Ace'n Adolescence about a year ago and then just recently had some one on one coaching sessions. Renee changed my whole understanding of dogs and has helped immensely to help me understand what they need. I continue to learn how to watch my dog carefully in order to help her when needed whether in stressful situations, training sessions, or enrichment activities. I feel much less clueless about how to give her what she needs and feel more like we're partners now. We are still working on reactivity and car anxiety but I have tools now and understand that it takes time, patience, and consistency. Renee explains the motivations and functions behind the dog's behaviors so that there is a solid understanding of why the dog is acting the way she is. Renee presents information in a clear and simple way that's easily accessible.
Renee is the best she knows exactly how to work through any issue, clear explanations and patience I recommend Renee to anyone experiencing any kind of dog issue!
Renee saved us and our dog. It might sound dramatic but we were pulling our hair out everyday and feeling like prisoners in our own home. Our beautiful lurcher was unable to cope with the stress of one of us leaving a room, he was overwhelmed at every dog he came across and the prospect of letting him off lead was laughable. I contacted Renee when I was at the end of my tether and her expertise and non judgemental care lead us into the light. We jokingly called it dog therapy, when really she guided us and assuaged any anxiety that comes with pet ownership. In such a judgemental environment, Renee was a breath of fresh air. Everyone who has a dog, cares. You can take a shortcut with temporary quick results and be back to square one with worse issues or you can take the time to connect and learn about your dog and their needs. Renee showed us how and we are reaping our reward. His recall is amazing, he chills all day long and is the cuddliest, happiest long legged best friend we could ask for. It is a relief knowing that we are be able to provide a happy life and for anyone out there who doesn't know where to turn, please get in touch with Renee, she wants to help and will help.