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About Renee Rhoades, MSc

Specialist Areas - Aggression, Reactivity, Fears/Phobias in all ages, all breeds
To say I love dogs is probably an understatement, I am captivated by them. It is actually through working with dogs that I have also come to truly enjoy working with people. I was your typical "I like dogs more than people" dog nerd, but having worked with so many dog-human teams over the years has changed that. Helping people develop the skills and understanding they need to have the kind of relationship they want with their dog, and then seeing that relationship blossom, is the most rewarding aspect of my work.

My world revolves around my boys: Nero and Lycan. Nero is a senior border collie cross whippet (lurcher) and Lycan is an adult working-line German shepherd. As a dog professional who educates about reactive, fearful, and aggressive dogs, it was important to me to be honest about the journey I've had with Lycan, who joined our family as a reactive adolescent. Being transparent about how I live and help Lycan allows me to publicly say to others who are struggling with their dog's behavior that it is possible to be kind and effective - even with big, working dogs.

When I'm not talking about dogs I enjoy watching documentaries, creating art, reading, cuddling my husband and playing video games.

Continued professional development (recent)

Aggression in Dogs Conference 2020, 2021, 2022
Lemonade Conference 2020, 2021
The Dog Behavior Conference 2020, 2021
Geek Week - For the Love of Science! Conference 2020

Canine Principals: Canine Anxiety
Ethology Institute: Canine Behavior
Michael Shikashio and Grisha Stewart: Learning the Ropes: All Things Leash Handling
Marissa Martino: Big Feelings: Supporting our Clients Living with Dog Reactivity
Dr Lore Haug: Understanding, Managing, and Resolving Reactivity in Dogs
Dr. Amy Cook: Management for Reactive Dogs
Kellie Sisson Snider: Constructional Aggression Treatment Revisited
Kathy Sdao: But My Dog is Not Food Motivated
Dr. Susan Friedman: Living and Learning with Animals
Dr. Chris Pachel: Desensitization and Counter conditioning
Dr. Naomi Harvey: Adolescence in Dogs: From Brain to Behaviour
Dr. Conor Brady: The Role Of Nutrition on the Behaviour of Dogs

and many others.

Qualifications & Certifications

MSc level in Animal Welfare Science, Ethics and Law
Level 3 in Biological Sciences and Pharmacology
BS level in Animal Management and Behaviour
BS level in Canine Psychology

Certified Aggression in Dogs Master Course
Certified Fear Free Professional
Certified Family Dog Mediator
Certified Control Unleashed Instructor
(in progress)
Certified Veterinary Technician (non-practicing)

Kassie Dickson - Canine Behaviorist

About Kassie Dickson

Specialist Areas - Aggression, Fear, Puppies and Rescue Dogs
Kassie has been working professionally with dogs for 15 years, starting with regular cue response training and sports her career evolved into behaviour consulting and a full time job working in animal welfare with shelter dogs, as well as cats and special species.

Kassie started training at a very young age and once she started working training she quickly grew to see the need for more evidence based training, she began her studies through books and eventually turned to in person seminars and online learning. She certified officially in 2015 and has continued to put emphasis on bettering herself and the families she works with. She has a passion for ensuring humane ethical care for both ends of the leash and prides herself on continuing education. Teaching adolescent and newly adopted dogs the ropes of their newly found homes is one of Kassie's favorite parts of her job.

Kassie shares her life with a flock of hens, and all the foster animals she can muster, her late pup Norco is always in her thoughts.

Qualifications & Certifications

International Association Of Animal Behaviour Consultants: CDBC(Certified Dog Behaviour Consultant)
Certification Council of Professional Dog Trainers: CPDT-KA (Certified Professional Dog Trainer- Knowledge Assessed
Fear Free Pets: Fear Free Shelter Certified, Fear Free Animal Trainer (Lapsed)Association of Animal Welfare Advancement: Certification in Organizational Leadership, Certification in Whole and intentional Leadership

Continued professional development (Recent)

Kassie is regularly pursuing continuing education in ethology, training, behaviour and multiple species.

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