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The wrong steps can weaken your bond and destroy your confidence. At R+Dogs, we get it. R+Guardians stands as our promise: clear, kind expertise to navigate every canine challenge.

Benefits of R+Guardians Subscription:

Expert Personalized Guidance
Unlock immediate, tailored advice with our "Text the Expert" feature. At R+Guardians, we believe in specificity: every dog, every situation is unique.
Comprehensive Behavior Consultation
An in-depth one-to-one behavior consultation with a qualified R+Dogs canine behaviourist to understand and address your dog's individual needs.
Library of Video Guides and Webinars
(Coming Soon) Tap into exclusive resources in your R+Guardians library with comprehensive Video Guides and interactive or recorded Webinars

“Text The Expert”

Led by Renee Rhoades, MSc our compassionate team is here to understand and guide. Whether text, voice, photo, or video – receive comprehensive advice and assurance when you need it most.
Expert canine guidance, just a touch away.

A Journey of Insight, Navigated with Expertise

Specialized One To One Behavior Consultation

Embark on a transformative experience with our Qualified Canine Behaviourists through a dedicated Zoom consultation. This isn't merely a session; it's the beginning of a profound understanding. You'll receive:
  • A tailored behavior or training blueprint designed especially for your dog.
  • Comprehensive resources delving into enrichment, nutrition, health, and well-being, Including a behavior tracker, allowing you to monitor and celebrate progress.
Your foundational dive into expert guidance, with a world of support awaiting.

R+Guardians Video Guides and Webinars

(Coming Soon) Your journey with your dog is unique, and with R+Guardians, you're never alone. Dive into our comprehensive Video Guides and join our interactive and recorded Webinars, tailored for guardians seeking deeper insights. These resources are designed to enhance your understanding and skills in canine well-being. Engage with expert-led content, ask questions, and benefit from the knowledge shared in these sessions. Through our Video Guides and Webinars, Hosted by Renee Rhoades MSc, you'll find invaluable insights and guidance every step of the way.
Nurturing Your Bond Through Knowledge


Joana & Zach
Consistent & Instant Support
"Instant message is a game-changer. We never felt alone on Zach's journey. This method suits our lifestyle perfectly."
Trini & Rex
Flexible & Focused Training
"The "Text the Expert" support allows flexibility in training, making it affordable and efficient. It's more focused without dog distractions."
Ana & Archie
Emotional Support & Understanding
"Having a knowledgeable expert just a text away was invaluable during our emotional rollercoaster. Your understanding and support made all the difference."
Jessie & Ginny
Priceless & Evident Results
"The chat feels priceless. It's reassuring, comprehensive, and results with Ginny are evident. Your remote approach is superior to traditional sessions."
Jenny & Simba
Instant Messaging & Supportive Reminders
"Being able to instantly message is better than traditional training. We appreciate the reminders and support, even if we're hesitant to reach out."
Rusne & Goose
Continuous Support & Issue Resolution
"Text the Expert offers continuous support, unlike traditional classes. Immediate issue resolution and knowing you're always there to check makes a difference."

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Full Membership Features

There When You Need Us
Direct line to the experts. Send texts, videos, voice notes, and photos. Forget long waits, get individual, expert guidance and support when you need it.
Personalized Behavior Assessment
Engage in an bespoke assessment with an R+Dogs qualified canine behaviour consultant to understand and address your dog's unique needs.
R+Guardians Video Guides and Webinars
Join our Webinars to connect with experts and fellow R+Guardians. These interactive sessions complement our on-demand Video Guides, offering a dynamic learning experience. Schedule your participation easily or watch the recoded Webinars anytime via your R+Guardians library.
Training Resources
Track your dog's behaviors, their progress and get expert feedback on what you find. Data is important. If it doesn’t get measured, it doesn’t get achieved.
Welfare-based Learning
R+Dogs commitment to positive reinforcement ensures no obedience or punishment tactics are ever used. Fear free and fun!
Guided by Renee Rhoades, MSc
R+Guardians is meticulously crafted under the guidance and expertise of Renee Rhoades, MSc. With her extensive academic background and vast experience in canine behavior, Renee ensures that the program meets the highest standards and effectively addresses your dog's unique needs. When you join R+Guardians, you are benefiting from the collective knowledge and passion of one of the industry's leading experts.
There When You Need Us
All advice and consultations are overseen by Renee Rhoades, the owner and head canine behaviourist at R+Dogs.
Immediate Access - Cancel Anytime
Upon Membership, gain instant access to our expert messaging service. Schedule your in-depth behavior consultation at a time that's convenient for you. Dive into your first month of the R+Guardians service completely free and, if you decide it's not the right fit, you can cancel anytime.

Comparison Table:

R+Guardian Membership vs. Standard Behaviorist Model vs. Boarding Training Model
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Why R+Guardians Membership Stands Out:

  • Affordability with Global Reach: An affordable initial consultation fee with a free month of expert texting service, all tailored to your time zone, ensuring worldwide accessibility.
  • Unmatched Flexibility: Begin with text support and dive deep with a one-on-one consultation at your convenience.
  • Personalized Learning and Continuity: (Coming Soon) Access to a library of Video Guides and scheduled Webinars allows for personalized learning and continuous development in your journey.
  • Optimal Comfort for Your Dog: The entire process keeps your dog in their familiar environment, reducing stress and ensuring genuine behavioral insights.

Investment, Simplified

R+Guardians Membership
Upfront Investment: $195
for your initial behavior consultation.
Please note: This fee is non-refundable.
Then just $195
Membership includes
Enjoy a Bonus: Your first month of 'Text the Expert, Video Guides and Webinars library' subscription is on us — absolutely free.
Ongoing Membership: After your free month, you'll be charged the standard monthly fee of just $195, which you can cancel anytime.
  • A Single Specialist Behaviour Assessment
  • “Text the Expert”
  • Video Guides and Webinars Library (Coming Soon)
  • cancel anytime
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A Message from Renee Rhoades, MSc

Join Renee Rhoades, MSc, as she delves into the heart of R+Guardians and shares her vision for transformative canine care. With her extensive knowledge and passion, get a firsthand glimpse into what makes this service truly unparalleled. Don't miss this insider look from a leading expert in the field!


Is my data and information secure?
Absolutely. We value your privacy and have stringent measures in place to protect your data and ensure confidentiality.
Is my dog too old or too young for this service?
Dogs of all ages can benefit from our approach. Whether you have a new puppy or a senior dog, our strategies are adaptable to fit their specific stage of life.
I'm not tech-savvy. Will I be able to navigate this service?
Yes, our platform is user-friendly, and our team is always here to assist you if you face any challenges. Plus, our community sessions offer a space to ask any tech-related questions.
Will R+Guardians work for me if my dog has specific behavioral challenges?
Absolutely! Our experts are trained to handle a myriad of behavioural intricacies. The initial consultation dives deep to understand the root causes of your behavior concerns, ensuring a tailored approach for each dog guardian.
What if I want to cancel my subscription?
We understand that everyone's needs may vary. You have the flexibility to simply cancel your subscription anytime through your client dashboard, no strings attached. Once membership is cancelled you will retain access to R+Guardians service until the end of the billing cycle. Membership is a rolling monthly subscription. If you cancel within your free trail period you will loose access the the R+Guardians service from the date and time of cancellation
Is the initial consultation fee refundable?
The initial consultation fee covers a comprehensive one-on-one assessment of your dog and is non-refundable. However, considering the value, expertise, and tailored advice you receive, it's an investment in your dog's well-being.
How is this different from a standard Behaviorist session or boarding training?
Unlike traditional models that are localized and may not offer continuity, our service is available worldwide, provides ongoing support, community interaction, and expert advice tailored to your dog's specific needs.
What exactly am I getting with the R+Dogs Subscription?
You'll receive one in-depth initial behavior consultation via Zoom tailored to understand your dog's unique behavior which is included in the initial subscription setup fee. Additionally, you get the flexibility of 'Text the Expert' support where you can message your qualified R+Dogs Behavior Consultant anytime for expert advice when you need it and access to video guides and webinars in your R+Guardians library. Your first month of the subscription service is complimentary!

Discover the Joy of Understanding Your Dog

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