Nero the border collie cross whippet smiling

My lovely Nero


We love dogs, but we don't always understand them, at least not in the way they deserve to be understood. My job is to help translate a better line of communication between you and your dog so you can enjoy your amazing friendship. Where my expertise lies in is providing the best guidance at the beginning of your new relationship with my FUNdation Puppy Course, Basic Training to keep you on course and Behaviour Modification for when things are not going as you planned. 

I have a fantastic professional background in volunteer and fostering work, working alongside rescue organisations, in veterinary medicine and behaviour so I always want to look at helping a dog's mind, body and spirit. 

From working breeds like Labradors, German shepherds, border collies, golden retrievers and cocker spaniels to smaller dogs like Chihuahuas, Shih Tzu, French bulldogs as well as foreign rescues and mixed breeds - oh and anything that can be crossed with a poodle, I have experience with them all. 

All breeds, all ages. Get in touch.



Passionate.  Positive.  Professional.


Virtual services

Expert advice and guidance available to you from anywhere in the world via computer, phone or tablet.

In-person services

Private coaching and education for our clients in my immediate surrounding area (Isle of Wight).


Just a sample of the reviews by our clients


Daisy was once so severely fear reactive she would bark and lunge at people and dogs over 100 feet away. We dreaded our daily walks and felt very isolated. Renee taught us how to better understand her fears and how to help her cope. She has come such a long way since then. She is proof that Renee’s approach absolutely works and that time, patience and kindness really do pay off. Thank you Renee!

Marie, Behaviour Modification client

Lycan the working line German shepherd dog

my handsome Lycan


Physically located on the Isle of Wight, United Kingdom

Virtually available to all of the UK, Europe and the USA


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