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Get expert and professional dog help, wherever you are.

My Initial Assessment is a comprehensive look at your dog and the behaviour issue(s) you are experiencing. I provide expert and professional advice to help you manage and understand their undesirable behaviour. Offering my services virtually means you have access to my expertise and kind, but effective methods no matter where you live. It is also a fantastic option for dogs who have issues with strangers coming into the home.

But don't you need to meet my dog in order to assess them? No, I do not need to see your dog and many times a stranger coming into the home is unsettling for anxious dogs. From the moment we start to work together our aim should be to reduce your dog's discomfort and curb their behaviour that doesn't need a face to face approach to be successful. The pre-assessment form and virtual discussion will give me all the information I need to understand your dog, their motivation and their behaviour.

You have two options available to you:


Complete Package: This option includes a consultation (~90 minutes) in which I will guide you step by step through the process of change with your dog from start to finish. Follow up support is included for 2 months post-consultation via email/messages. There are many questions I can provide answers for via text, however, if you do find you need additional support I offer Top Up Sessions which help walk you through any steps you require assistance on. Top Ups are useful for roadblocks you may encounter in your training or if any circumstances change.  *** Complete Packages are ideal for those who feel confident working on their own. This can be someone who has some experience with positive training already or for behaviours which require you to follow a long term, steady plans. Separation Anxiety  ***

Primary Assessment: This option includes a consultation (~60 minutes) and a simple written behaviour modification plan which starts you off on your journey. You will need Top Ups Sessions to walk you through the process at the rate of £65 per 60-minute session. This option is great for someone who needs reassurance they are on the correct path or if you would like continual guidance and support throughout each step of their dog's behaviour modification.  *** Primary Assessments will be a great option for those who are new to positive training and who would like guidance through the process of change with their dog. This is an ideal option for Reactivity ***

Post Assessment you will receive a written Behaviour Modification Outline which will walk you through the areas we discussed during our consultation. Included in the plan is educational and reading materials to help you gain further knowledge on your dog's behaviour. 

My specialist areas are fear-based issues: Aggression, Reactivity, Separation Anxiety, Resource Guarding, Phobias, General Anxiety & Nervousness

I offer my assessments through WhatsApp, Skype or Zoom

Investment for Complete Package: £150 / $200
Investment for Primary Assessment: £75 / $100


Follow up support coaching you through your journey.

As needed follow up sessions after our Complete Package Assessment and continued support and guidance after our Primary Assessment.

In Top Up Sessions I will guide you step by step through each area of your Behaviour Modification Training Plan. In these sessions, we will work on how to apply the training you have learned about in your Assessment to your dog. Through video, I am able to show you what your training should look and feel like, provide guidance by watching you work with your dog at home or out and/or give an in-depth review of videoed sessions you have taken of you practising with your dog to highlight your success or areas of improvement. 

Each Top Up includes written feedback or follow on training following the session so that you understand what your next goals are and how to reach them. 

*** You must have had an Assessment prior to this service taking place. Assessments give much-needed background information as well as insight into your dog's areas of concern. This means our sessions can aim to be as effective as possible. ***


Following a Complete Assessment: £50 / $65 for up to 60 mins

Following a Primary Assessment: £65 / $80 for up to 60 mins


All your fundamental training needs taught to you (and your dog) in the comfort of your own home.

Our Virtual Sessions offer professional basic training and advice in the comfort of your home, in your own time based on your dog's individual needs.

Common issues covered:
- Pulling on Lead
- Poor Recall

- Counter Surfing

- Jumping Up while Greeting
- Stealing Items
- Lack of Boundaries
- Tricks

The session includes a written training outline and any appropriate reading materials. I currently offer these sessions through Zoom, WhatsApp and Skype.

*These sessions are dedicated to basic training and not behavioural issues. Please see our Virtual Session: Behaviour if you are experiencing an issue with your dog's behaviour. If you are unsure, please message us to discuss.

Investment: £40 / $55 for up to 60 mins


This is our highly recommended 6-week starter course for all breeds of puppies from 8 weeks up to 18 months of age. This is a set course which gradually increases in complexity through the weeks so that you and your dog can build on key life skills at a successful pace. This is extremely comprehensive in helping you and your puppy understand one another and start off on your journey together working as a team.

Who is this for?

This can be a refresher course for those who have not had a puppy for some time, brand new puppy owners or someone in between who just wants to make sure they are putting the right paw forward!

This is also a great course for rescue or young dogs who have had no formal training.

What do you learn?

- Loose Lead

- Recall

- Focus/Engagement
- Leave It

- Drop It

- Enough

- Sit
- Boundary Games (go to bed, sit & stay, wait)

- Impulse Control
- Tricks


- Pre-course Puppy Information Pack which includes tips and training on "hot topics" such as toilet training, teething, separation anxiety, resource guarding, socialisation, diet, enrichment and much more
- 1 hour per week with Renee via virtual consultation

- Typed homework each week

- Helpful resources/reading 

- Ability to tailor the course to your needs

- Your own personal puppy coach available to answer any questions which arise during your course

- Full pdf of course once completed

- Certificate of completion

 currently offer this course through sessions on Zoom, WhatsApp and Skype.

Investment: £180 per puppy

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