Services we offer in groups

Learning experiences for those that don't mind sharing! 

FUNdation Puppy Course (Online)

£120 investment

For: Puppies ages 8 weeks to 6 months

Our comprehensive, fun puppy course is a MUST for all new puppy guardians! We get you started off right so that you and your new friend get the relationship you need (and deserve) to have. Contrary to public option, puppies do not need to be in groups in order to learn effectively and teaching your puppy in a low distraction, comfortable environment (ie: your home) is the preferred way to start puppies off on their learning journey. 

What do you learn?

- How to teach good manners for inside and outside the home

- How to prevent common problem behaviours (separation anxiety, resource guarding, destructiveness)

- What items are best to buy for your puppy and why

- Modern advice on hot topics (teething/biting, diet, socialisation)

- How to communicate with your dog and get them to actually listen

- What to do... and what not to do in order to have a good relationship

- Six 1 hour lessons a week

- Written homework sent to you each week

- A 15 page pre-course "Puppy Bible" 

- Lifetimes access to a private puppy group

- Support via messages during the 6 weeks

- Certificate of completion

Crazy to Calm (Online)

£100 investment

Love your dog, but not loving their behaviour? Maybe your cute and sweet puppy has now entered adolescence and you aren't sure how to support them. We are here to help! Dogs between the ages of 6m - 2 years have the highest rehoming rate as this is the most challenging time for dogs. This class aims to help you to understand what your dog is going through and gives you structured techniques to help bring more calm and focus into your lives. 

Ideal for adolescent dogs or new rescues who need structure and the time to decompress.

LOCAL: Classes are held at the East Cowes Town Hall, 5 dogs total
ONLINE: Sessions are held on Zoom, 5 dogs total

Includes: Five 1 hour lessons a week, eBooklet outlining exercises to do at home and guidance

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